10:00 am Kelly B. Woman in Fly Fishing
10:30 am Brad Buzzy: Painting Poppers
11:30 am Dave Brandt Deconstructing Flies
12:30 pm Rick Kustich: Steelhead Presentation
2:30 pm Pat Cohen & Bob Clouser Bass on The Fly Part 2

About Our Presenters

Bob Clouser

Bob is the innovator of many fine fly patterns that have gained worldwide popularity. His flies include The Clouser Minnow, The Half and Half, Clouser Crayfish, Swimming Nymph, Mad Tom, The Darter, and the E-Z Popper to name a few. Bob’s “Clouser Minnow” is claimed to be the most effective underwater fly ever developed. Bob is on the advisory staff for Temple Forks Outfitters and has designed a line of fly rods and lines. He is also on the staff of Rainy’s Flies Inc., Chota Outdoor Gear, Renzetti Inc., Cortland Line Co. and Costa DelMar Sunglass Co.
Pat Cohen Pat Cohen

Pat Cohen lives in upstate New York. He began fly fishing in 2008 and has been tying flies since January of 2009. Pat is a full time commercial fly tyer and regularly teach classes, does presentations and demos at events, fly shops and clubs across the east coast. His specialty is deer hair bass bugs, but has a string passion for all types of streamers and carp flies.