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Pat Cohen Pat Cohen
Pat Cohen lives in upstate New York. He began fly fishing in 2008 and has been tying flies since January of 2009. Pat is a full time commercial fly tyer and regularly teach classes, does presentations and demos at events, fly shops and clubs across the east coast. His specialty is deer hair bass bugs, but has a string passion for all types of streamers and carp flies.
Bard Buzzi Brad Buzzy
Brad Buzzi has been tying flies commercially since 2004 and is the owner of BuzFly and the current President of The Atlantic Saltwater Flyrodders. He specializes in saltwater flies for the Northeast and East Central Coast of Florida targeting primarily Stripped Bass, Bluefish, Weakfish/Sea Trout, Albacore, Snook, Redfish, Cobia and Jack Crevalle to name a few. Some of his signature flies are Crease Flies, Gooey Flies, Epoxy Sand Eels and Dubbing Brush Flies. He grew up fishing the Jersey Shore from Sandy Hook to Island Beach State park cutting his teeth on Snappers and Fluke when he was a very young boy leaning how to fish. As he grew older, he started to fish for Stripped Bass, Bluefish, Weakfish and Albacore. In the mid 80's his fishing expanded to fishing the East Coast of Florida, especially around Melbourne and Stuart. It was during this time he discovered Snook and never looked back.
Jacob Morrison Jacob Morrison
He's not famous yet but at thirteen he's working on it. Jake tied at his first show this fall at The International Fly Tying Symposium . He started tying at six and in the last couple of years has come into his own picking up many styles. Jake has been fly fishing the salmon river with double ganders for six years and caught his first fish on the fly at four. Jake will be at Tie One On tying a streamer pattern that is simple that anyone can learn and catches a lot fish.
Steve Silverio Steve Silverio
Tying flies since the age of fourteen on a “homemade rotary vise”, Steve has ventured into all forms of the fly-tying art. Known primarily for his innovative saltwater & large predator flies, Steve has developed patterns for many species from striped bass to sailfish and is constantly experimenting with new natural materials for his designs. Combining classic dressings with modern concepts, his flies are an amalgam of tradition and simplicity. Steve loves to tie with natural materials and actively seeks fresh road kill.

Currently, Steve is a member of Regal Vise Company’s developmental team and has cooperated in the design of their new in-line rotary model, the Revolution. Steves Flies have been published in all forms of print and electronic media.
Morgan Lyle
Allen Landheer Allen Landheer
Allen grew up fishing and honing his skills on Brodhead Creek. His first fly rod experience was at age 13. He learned by watching and fishing with Don Baylor, Ernie Schwiebert and other fine fly fisherman over the years. Allen began tying in earnest around that same time as he realized he preferred to catch fish on his own flies. Allen ties many fly styles and enjoys the challenge each presents. Styles Allen is known for are Catskill style flies, classic streamers, wet flies, spey flies and classic atlantic salmon flies both hair wings and married wings. Allen's horizons expanded as he got older and he now regularly fishes on numerous streams in CT, NY, PA and NJ including limestoners such as the Saucon, Little Lehigh, Letort, Penns Creek and Fishing Creek; notable freestone streams such as the Beaverkill, Willowemoc, Brodhead Creek, Big Bushkill and the great tail waters of the East and West Branch of the Delaware and the Farmington River. He regularly fishes the Great Lakes region for big steelhead, lake run browns and salmon. Allen is
a member of Brodheads Chapter TU, Catskill Fly Tiers Guild, is a member of the Flymen Fishing Co pro team and is included in Darren MacEachern's Streamer 365 project and book. He enjoys teaching the art of fly tying and has conducted classes at numerous fly shops and Trout Unlimited meetings. In addition he is an avid demonstration tyer and has appeared on many of the major east coast fly fishing shows.
Steelhead Steve Steelhead Steve
Steve has spent numerous years guiding and fishing the GLR . Through out those years he has had the pleasure of guiding his clients to some spectacular trophy fish while taking a few of his own. Besides tying fly patterns for migratory fish he spends ample time tying patterns to tempt trophy fish from all over NY. Through out his years fly fishing he has spent a great deal of time in the Finger Lakes Region, Adirondacks and Catskill Region chasing fish on the dry to slinging big steamers and everything in between.
Dave the Duck Dave Brandt
Living on the fringe of the Catskills has allowed Dave to meet, become good friends with and learn firsthand from many of the legendary fishers and fly tyers of the area, including Art Flick, Harry & Elsie Darbee, Walt, Winnie & Mary Dette, Lee & Joan Wulff and many others. Over the years he's been involved with Trout Unlimited, The Federation of Fly Fishers, United Fly Tyers, The Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum, The American Museum of Fly Fishing and The Catskill Fly Tyers Guild. He has been a part of the Fly Fishing Show circuit for many years. An early interest in the making of bamboo fly rods allowed him the privilege of doing most of the drawings for "A Master's Guide To Building A Bamboo Fly Rod", by Everett Garrison with Hoagy Carmichael. Teaching both fly tying and fly fishing has become an important part of his off-stream fishing life, having been an instructor with the Wullf Fishing School for the last 28 years. These endeavors have made fishing, for Dave at least, not simply a hobby but rather a way of life.
Bob Mead
Sheldon Seale Sheldon Seale
Sheldon Seale has been fishing for most of his life and fly fishing and tying for more than thirty years. As an instructor and guide, he has introduced hundreds of people to the sport of fly-fishing and the art of fly tying. He is a frequent speaker and tying demonstrator at fly-fishing clubs and related associations. He has presented at the Canadian Fly Fishing Forum, Grand River Opportunities and has represented Canada at the International Fly Tying Symposium. His articles have been published in various outdoors periodicals and he is the current Fly Tying Editor of The New Fly Fisher e-zine, an online publication of The New Fly Fisher television show. With The New Fly Fisher TV show and Ontario Tourism, he has helped promote Ontario as a fly fishing destination at a number of fishing and outdoors sports shows in the United States and Canada. In addition to his speaking and demonstration work, he is a Club Pro at the Franklin Club, one of Ontario's largest and oldest fishing clubs.
John Collins
Nicole Seymour Nicole Seymour
Nicole has been fishing since the age of 3 on the lakes and ponds in Upstate New York. Her time on the water is usually spent in her boat fishing for bass or on the river swinging soft hackles for trout. What she loves most about the art of tying and fishing is that it's a never-ending learning experience with a wealth of information out there; and being able to help pass on to others, the knowledge she has absorbed so far makes it all the more enjoyable.
Nicole is an Endorsed Tyer for Regal Vise, an active member of the Catskill Fly Tyers Guild, the Assistant Project Lead for the Project Healing Waters in New City, N.Y. and recently created a youth coloring & activity book for the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum.
Isak Kulalic
Charlie Shute
Vern Burm
Shawn Britton Shawn Britton
Shawn grew up on the Connecticut/NY line, where his fishing adventures along the Housatonic River as well as constant trips to the Delaware, Willowemoc, and the Beaverkill River in Roscoe, New York was the norm. His early inspirations in fly tying Catskill style, as well as his tutelage in fly fishing derived from the many meetings he had with the local “Trout Town” legends, sitting at the counter of the Roscoe Diner, where Shawn had many a breakfast conversation on Trout and life. Over the years, Shawn has become an internationally known fly tier, regional published artist and freelance writer. Shawn has been at home on the CT & NY rivers since his youth. He’s been fortunate to fish and tie flies with many of the anglers he learned from.

His business, Flies By Britton, is located in N.W. Connecticut just minutes from two of New England's premier Trout fisheries, but when he’s not fishing here, there’ll be a “Gone Fishing’” sign on his shop door as he makes tracks to fish the Beaverkill, Willowemoc, or Delaware River. Maybe you’ll see him at the Roscoe Diner, reading the Compleat Angler before the evening hatch. Shawn’s approach to angling has always been traditional, but his fly tying has an Old School approach with a New School creative twist.

John Kavnaugh
Dan Thomas
Zach Anderson Zach Anderson
Zach has been commercially tying flies and working in fly shops for years. He has a habit of following the fish and has spent a significant amount of time fishing Lake Erie & Ontario tributaries, The Croton watershed, The Upper Delaware and Montana. Currently, Zach guides for Baxter House River Outfitters. Throughout the off season he can be found tying flies for the Baxter House and Dette Trout Flies.
Ethan Law Ethan Law
Ethan, has been fly fishing for 6 years now, and only last year started fishing competitively, and tying his own flies. Being self taught, his first 5 years consisted of catching mostly branches, weeds, and rocks, to the point of almost putting down the fly rod. Then, he judged a local competition, the CNY Classic, and learned some people actually do catch fish! Some anglers catch so many fish, it seems as though they could pull a trout out of a mud puddle! From then on he was hooked, (sorry for the pun). Living in Syracuse, with his choice of amazing trout streams, you will likely find him out nymphing any day that isn’t snowing or below 30, though you may see him out on those days, too! Having some great mentors in the area (Ken Crane, Loren Williams) helped him improve his game, to joining Team Ammala Fly Fishing, and eventually becoming team captain. His best finish being 4th place in a competition, he hopes to absorb everything he can from anyone willing to share. I will note that if you do start talking to him about anything fly fishing related, have some free time, once he starts it’s hard to stop him
Marc Procopio
Mike Small
Jessica Lettich
Ken Crane
Alec Baker
Scott Stryker
Peggy Brenner